Data Dictionary: Census 1950 Census Tract Only
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Data Source: Digitally transcribed by Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. Edited, verified by Michael Haines. Compiled, edited, verified and additional data entered by Social Explorer.
Data set: Social Explorer Tables (SE)
Dataset Description
Social Explorer Tables
Social Explorer Tables  (91 tables)
Table Title
T1 Total Population
T2 Area
T3 Population Density
T4 Sex
T5 Race
T6 Race (Short Version: White/Nonwhite)
T7 Age (Detailed)
T7A Age (Detailed) - Cumulative (Less)
T7B Age (Detailed) - Cumulative (More)
T8 Age (Short Version)
T9 Age (White Population Only)
T9A Age (White Population Only) - Cumulative (Less)
T9B Age (White Population Only) - Cumulative (More)
T10 Age (White Population - Short Version)
T11 Age By Sex
T11A Age By Sex - Cumulative (Less)
T11B Age By Sex - Cumulative (More)
T12 Age (Male Population)
T12A Age (Male Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T12B Age (Male Population) - Cumulative (More)
T13 Age (Female Population)
T13A Age (Female Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T13B Age (Female Population) - Cumulative (More)
T14 Age By Sex (White Population)
T14A Age By Sex (White Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T14B Age By Sex (White Population) - Cumulative (More)
T15 Age (Male White Population)
T15A Age (Male White Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T15B Age (Male White Population) - Cumulative (More)
T16 Age (Female White Population)
T16A Age (Female White Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T16B Age (Female White Population) - Cumulative (More)
T17 Educational Attainment for Population 25 Years and Over
T18 Highest Educational Attainment for Population 25 Years and Over
T19 Median School Years Completed
T20 Household Income
T20A Household Income - Cumulative (Less)
T20B Household Income - Cumulative (More)
T23 Median Household Income
T24 Employment Status
T25 Employment Status (Male Population)
T26 Employment Status (Female Population)
T27 Unemployment Rate
T28 Unemployment Rate (Male Population)
T29 Unemployment Rate (Female Population)
T30 Employment Sector
T31 Employment Sector (Male Population)
T32 Employment Sector (Female Population)
T33 Employment Sector By Sex
T34 Occupation
T35 Occupation (Male Employed Civilian Population)
T36 Occupation (Female Employed Civilian Population)
T37 Occupation By Sex
T38 Households
T39 Family Structure
T40 Marital Status
T41 Marital Status By Sex
T42 Marital Status (Male Population)
T43 Marital Status (Female Population)
T44 Institutionalized Population
T45 Housing Units
T46 Occupancy Status
T47 Occupancy By Race
T48 Owner Occupied By Race
T49 Renter Occupied By Race
T50 Vacancy Type
T51 Tenure
T52 Tenure By Race
T53 Tenure (White Population)
T54 Tenure (Non-White Population)
T55 Type of Housing Structure
T56 Number of Occupants In Housing Units
T57 Cumulative Number of Occupants In Housing Units
T58 Average Population Per Household
T59 Persons Per Room
T60 Migration (Residence)
T61 Monthly Contract Rent
T61A Monthly Contract Rent - Cumulative (Less)
T61B Monthly Contract Rent - Cumulative (More)
T64 Median Contract Monthly Rent
T65 House Value
T65A House Value - Cumulative (Less)
T65B House Value - Cumulative (More)
T68 Median House Value
T69 Housing Units By Year of Construction
T70 Presence of Plumbing By Condition of Housing Unit
T71 Presence of Refrigeration
T72 Presence of Central Heating
T73 Television
T74 Foreign-Born
T75 Foreign-Born Place of Birth