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Documentation: Census 1950 Census Tract Only
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Publisher: U.S. Census Bureau
Document: 1950 Census Tract Data: Elizabeth Mullen Bogue File
Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; Census Tract Data, 1940-1970: Elizabeth Mullen Bogue File
1950 Census Tract Data: Elizabeth Mullen Bogue File
Bureau of the Census

ROY V. PEEL, Director

A. Ross Eckler, Deputy Director
Howard C. Grieves, Assistant Director
Conrand Taeuber, Assistant Director
Morris H. Hansen, Assistant Director for Statistical Standards
Lowell T. Galt, Assistant Director for Operations
Calvert L. Dedrick, Coordinator, International Statistics
Leon E. Truesdell, Chief Demographer
Frank R. Wilson, Information Assistant to the Director

Population and Housing Division-
Howard G. Brunsman, Chief
Henry S. Shryock, Jr., Assistant Chief for Population
Robert B. Voight, Assistant Chief for Operations
Wayne F. Daugherty, Assistant Chief for Housing
Edwin D. Goldfield, Program Coordinator
Demographic Statistics- Henry D. Sheldon, Chief
Social Statistics- Paul C. Glick, Chief
Coordinator for Manpower Statistics- Gertrude Bancroft
Economic Statistics- Robert B. Pearl, Chief
Occupation and Industry Statistics- David L. Kaplan, Chief
International Population Statistics- W. Parker Mauldin, Chief
Housing Quality and Equipment Statistics-Robert C. Hamer, Chief
Housing Inventory Statistics-Carl A. S. Coan, Chief
Housing Developmental Programs- J. Hugh Rose, Chief
Residential Financing- Junia H. Honnold, Chief
Territories and Possessions- Joel Williams, Chief
Statistical Sampling- Joseph Steinberg, Chief
Statistical Procedures- Morton A. Meyer, Chief
Processing Operations- Milton D. Lieberman, Chief

Administrative Service Division- Walter L. Kerres, Chief
Agriculture Division- Ray Hurley, Chief
Budget Officer- Charles. H. Alexander
Business Division- Harvey Kailin, Acting Chief
Field Division- Jack B. Robertson, Chief
Foreign Trade Division- J. Edward Ely, Chief
Geography Division- Clarence E. Batschelet, Chief
Governments Division- Allen D. Manvel, Chief
Industry Division- Maxwell R. Conklin, Chief
Machine Tabulation Division- C. F. Van Aken, Chief
Personnel Division- Helen D. Almon, Chief

Statistics presented in this bulletin supersede those shown in the report, Series PC-10, No. 5.

U.S. Bureau of the Census. U.S. Census of Population: 1950 Vol. III, Census Tract Statistics, Chapter 3. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1952
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