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Documentation: Census 1950 Census Tract Only
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Publisher: U.S. Census Bureau
Document: 1950 Census Tract Data: Elizabeth Mullen Bogue File
Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; Census Tract Data, 1940-1970: Elizabeth Mullen Bogue File
1950 Census Tract Data: Elizabeth Mullen Bogue File
U.S. Census of Population: 1950

I Number of Inhabitants (comprising Series P-A bulletins)
II Characteristics of the Population (comprising Series P-A, P-B, and P-C bulletins)
III Census Tract Statistics (comprising Series P-D bulletins)
Succeeding volumes will cover the following subjects:
Nativity and Parentage, Nonwhite Population by Race, Persons of Spanish Surname, Institutional Population. Labor Force Characteristics, Occupation, Industry, Income, Internal Migration, Education, Characteristics of Families and Households