Tell a story with maps

Social Explorer now has an improved Story Editor which makes it easier to share your analysis with anyone – even those without a Social Explorer account.

Once you’ve started a story, you’ll find an interface similar to Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation software.

Here’s how to tell a story with the new and improved Story Editor:

  1. Click the Tell a Story icon  at the top of the controls located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Start Your Story to create your story in a presentation-style format.

  3. Click Add cover in the left-hand side panel to add a cover slide to your story. You can also add a title and a short description to the cover slide. To change the background of the cover slide, click the More icon  next to the slide. You can either upload your own image or paste a link to a video as a background for the cover slide.

  4. To add more slides to your story, click Add new slide. You can also duplicate existing slides to add more slides to your story.

    When adding a new slide to your story, you can choose from three different viewing modes: single, side by side, and swipe.

  5. Social Explorer maps serve as the base for Story Editor slides. Click the More icon  next to a slide to add a title and a column of descriptive text to your slides.
  6. To preview your story, click Preview Story in the left-hand sidebar. Click Exit Preview when done.
  7. Click the share icon  at the top of the screen and then click Copy Link to share fully interactive versions of your story maps. You can also export static versions of these stories as a PowerPoint file. Click Export as PowerPoint in the map header.

To email your story, use the Embed tab to get the iframe code for embedding it on a website or your blog, or click one of the social media icons to share your story directly to the social network of your choice.

In the left-hand sidebar of your Social Explorer dashboard, click the Create new tab and select the Story option to start telling your stories with data, straight from the dashboard. Find out more here.

To better understand what you can capture in a story, try the link here for a story on Social Explorer’s new datasets.

You can now add collaborators to your Social Explorer stories. Click on the share icon  at the top of your screen and then click on the Collaborators option in the popup window. Enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to add as collaborators to your story and then click INVITE. Your collaborators will be able to edit your story and save their changes, allowing you to view the latest edited version and collaborate together on projects.