TUESDAY, JAN 12, 2010

Social Explorer Releases New and Improved Reporting System for 1940-60

Social Explorer is a one-stop destination for Census data since 1790, and now interacting with the data is even easier.  This week, Social Explorer unveiled a new and improved reporting system for 1940 to 1960 data.  This upgrade offers a more flexible interface for users that is more consistent with other decades. Subscribers can access the 1940 to 1960 data through the maps and the reports tabs.  Click here to find out more about subscribing for access to the latest data and all of Soci... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, JAN 07, 2010

Social Explorer Debuts 2007 Census Tract Estimates

Today, Social Explorer unveiled new estimates that let subscribers work with Census tract-level data for the year 2007. Social Explorer constructed the 2007 tract level estimates using the latest data from the American Community Survey (three-year estimates 2006 to 2008) and the Census 2000 data. We tracked changes that occurred between 2000 and 2007 at various geographic levels including PUMAS, Counties, County Sub-divisions, and Places, and allocated these changes to tracts based upon ... more
by Sydney Beveridge


Explore Carbon Emissions Data with Social Explorer

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this month, President Obama will announce the US’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and 83 percent by 2050. Did you know that you can map pollution using Social Explorer? In addition to 220 years of Census and American Community Survey data, Social Explorer has additional datasets from particular projects, including carbon emissions data. This data comes from a collaboration with ... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, OCT 09, 2009

New Feature: 2008 Data Now Available on Social Explorer

Earlier this month, Social Explorer unveiled 2008 data, enabling subscribers to work with the most currently available demographic information. The data come from the American Community Survey (ACS), an annual survey administered by the Census Bureau to a sample of about 3 million households nationwide.  The results from the 2008 survey were recently released and Social Explorer has them ready for use.  In concert with the decennial Census, Social Explorer's 2006 estimates, and prior years... more
by Sydney Beveridge

MONDAY, AUG 31, 2009

Social Explorer Debuts 2006 Census Tract-level Estimates

Earlier this month, Social Explorer unveiled new estimates that let subscribers work with Census tract-level data for the year 2006.  The new resource enables deeper research for more recent years of data. Social Explorer constructed this dataset using data from both the published and public use micro-sample of the 2005-2007 American Community Survey (ACS), and geographic boundaries from the 2000 Census.  Social Explorer allocated six-year changes at the so-called PUMA level (areas of at least ... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, APR 18, 2008

Social Explorer Census 1790 to 1930 Beta Released!

We have been working on this data release for many months now, creating census tables, variables, maps, meta data and everything in between. Working with these historical data is hard because there are inconsistencies, some missing data, malformed table structures and other gotchas. Sometimes the data just don't add up, and there is little you can do about it. But by and large, things came together very well. We really did not skimp on anything; we invested massive amounts of time making fine a... more
by Ahmed Lacevic