THURSDAY, SEP 04, 2014

Back to School with the New Social Explorer

Try the New Social Explorer!  The latest version of Social Explorer includes a powerful storytelling tool, side-by-side mapping, custom annotations, and more.  Get started here, or tour our new features here.  You can also find out more in our help section.     A sample from the new Social Explorer showing the new dashboard, double map, satellite view, and mouseover. Social Explorer provides quick and easy access to cur... more
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THURSDAY, JUN 26, 2014

New "Census Explorer: Estimate Edition" Launches

Today, the Census Bureau and Social Explorer announce the launch of Census Explorer: Estimate Edition.  This latest version of the our collaboration with the Census Bureau enables users to explore the latest population estimates for states and counties by age, race, and Hispanic origin.  (Prior editions of Census Explorer showcased American Community Survey data, transportation trends, and retail business.  Click here to visit all the Census Explorer versions.) ... more
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THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014

Census Explorer Retail Edition: Learn About American Business with Our Latest Census Bureau Collaboration

Today, the Census Bureau and Social Explorer announce the launch of Census Explorer: Retail Edition. This latest version of the Census Bureau's interactive map gives users easier access to neighborhood statistics and shows the geographic concentration of electronic shopping and mail-order houses. You can also share and embed the maps you create. (Prior editions of Census Explorer showcased American Community Survey data and transportation trends.) Drawn from the 2007 and ... more
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TUESDAY, DEC 17, 2013

Social Explorer and Census Bureau Collaborate on Census Explorer

Social Explorer collaborated with the Census Bureau to create Census Explorer, a new visualization project, that launches today in connection with the release of the latest American Community Survey data (the five-year file from 2008 to 2012).   Powered by Social Explorer, Census Explorer opens up data to the public through interactive maps developed by Social Explorer.  The site's easy-to-use online tools encourage users to explore demograp... more
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FRIDAY, DEC 13, 2013

Social Explorer Mobile Version Launches!

Social Explorer is delighted to announce our new mobile version.  Now, you can use Social Explorer's map and data tools on the go with our free app.   It is available at the Google Play Store (for Android phones and devices), and the App Store (for iPad, with an iPhone compatible version coming soon).   Enjoy Social Explorer in the classroom, on the sidewalk, at the coffee shop, and beyond.  ... more
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FRIDAY, OCT 04, 2013

Special Social Explorer Offer During the Government Shutdown

The current shutdown in Washington is limiting the access that scholars and researchers have to vital materials, including the US Census website.  To that end, Oxford University Press and the Social Explorer team will open up access to Social Explorer – the premier US Census demographics website – for the next two weeks. Social Explorer offers users Census data from 1790 to 2010 and American Community Survey data from 2005 to 2012. For... more
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TUESDAY, JUN 25, 2013

Introducing the New Social Explorer Website

As we announced earlier this month, Social Explorer has just launched a new website.   The new site is now the primary one when you visit   Since yesterday, we have increased the number of servers for the site to correct any slowness issues. For an overview of the site, visit the about page and check out the how-to video here. Social Explorer Video Tutorial 1: Map Basics (version 2) from Social Explorer on Vimeo. We are glad to... more
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FRIDAY, JUN 07, 2013

Social Explorer Announces Website Relaunch

We are delighted to announce that this spring and summer, we will be rolling out a new version of Social Explorer with an improved website and more features.  This relaunch begins with our new website, now available in beta here. Social Explorer first launched in 2003 and has become an award winning online research tool.  You will soon enjoy expanded data resources, quicker maps, more ways to visualize data, new ways to share your projects, and much more. Building on years of data and tech... more
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TUESDAY, MAR 27, 2012

Social Explorer Goes up into the Cloud!

Starting on Wednesday, March 28, Social Explorer will be served from the Amazon Cloud through Amazon Web Services. We have run extensive testing and expect that most users will not even notice the change. If you experience any access or other issues, please let us know at immediately. This move is necessary as we begin to add world wide data and attract world wide users. It will also support our soon-to-launch Social Explorer 2.0. We say hello to Amazon Web S... more
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THURSDAY, OCT 07, 2010

2009 American Community Survey Data Now Available on Social Explorer

This week, Social Explorer unveils 2009 data, enabling subscribers to work with the most currently available demographic information. The data come from the American Community Survey (ACS), an extensive annual survey administered by the Census Bureau to a sample of about 3 million households nationwide.  Just one week after the Census Bureau released this data, Social Explorer added them to the site for users to explore. In concert with the decennial Census, Social Explorer’s 2007 estimate... more
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