Visualize multiple variables

Social Explorer allows you to map multiple variables on a single map. This opens up new opportunities to compare different groups directly and visually. To get started, add the first variable as you normally would. 

  1. In the Change data menu, click Change data.
  2. Click the category you're interested in.
  3. Scroll and select the variable you want to visualize on the map. 


  4. After the first map is created, select the other variable or variables you want to add by checking the boxes next to all of the variables you want to add to the map.  Click on the check boxes only, clicking anywhere else will not enable multivariable mapping.

You will see check boxes next to the eligible variables. You can select up to five variables from the same table. Always try to compare apples to apples. For alternative ways of comparing data, try the side-by-side or swipe maps.

Social Explorer can display data as a shaded area, a dot density, or a bubble map. Select the visualization type that works best with your dataset. Head over to this guide to learn more.