Change geography for data display

Social Explorer allows you to examine datasets at a wide variety of geographic levels from city, county, and congressional district all the way down to school district, census tract, and block group. The amount of geographic detail adjusts automatically depending on your zoom level. However, not all geographies can be displayed automatically, some (like Census Block Groups and Zip Codes) you have to choose manually. That's very easy to do… here's how:

  1. Click Change geography level in the Change data menu.
  2. Select the geography level you want to visualize, such as County or Census Tract

Once you set the geography manually, the selection will stay locked, so you can explore it on any zoom level. For example, you can view county-level data or even Census Tracts for the entire United States.

You can explore data by ZCTAs, School Districts (UNSD, SCSD, ELSD), Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMA), Congressional Districts, and many other geographic levels. Read more about these geographies: