How to cite Social Explorer maps

From now onward, when referencing Social Explorer maps or reports in your research papers, simply use the citation tool to automatically generate citations in the following formats:

Follow these steps to cite Social Explorer maps:

  1. Once you’ve created the map you wish to cite, click on the  info button icon in the Change data menu.


  2. Next, click on the Citation tab in the popup window.


  3. You’ll now have the option to choose from three available citation formats. The tool automatically generates the citation for you.


  4. Click on Copy Citation to copy it for your research and academic papers.


Please note that all of the data elements have been formatted to meet the latest citation standards. Furthermore, these citations are not a replacement for the latest guidebooks or your instructor's requirements. Double-check capitalization, dates, and names and make any necessary corrections.

Click here to learn how to cite Social Explorer reports.

The Data Dictionary provides full documentation for the specified survey, which includes all of the variables, sources, and technical documentation. You can browse the data dictionary here.