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Access Questions

1.   I cannot access Social Explorer.

Suggestions for Library Administrators:

a) Please verify that you have submitted your library’s signed subscriber agreement to Oxford University Press (OUP). All new subscriptions require a signed license agreement on file that has been verified prior to activating service.

b) Please check that OUP has your library’s most current IP address information on file. Administrators can verify account details from Subscriber Services. You will need an administrative login. If you have lost or forgotten your administrative password, please contact us.

c) If your library’s IP information has changed, please contact us to report the new address(es) or to update IP information currently registered.

d) Your library’s access may have expired or been placed on hold if OUP has not received your subscription payment or if your free trial has expired. It is customary for OUP to contact subscribers before a renewal/anniversary date or trial expiration. For further assistance, please contact our customer service team during business hours.


2.   Is remote access available?

Remote or off-site access is available to all institutional subscribers at no additional cost. Users often access institutional subscriptions through a library’s electronic resources. For further assistance setting up remote access, please contact us.

Individuals can access the site remotely by linking their MyExplorer accounts to their institutional access, which will authenticate users for remote login access to Social Explorer for three months.


3.   Is library card access available?

Libraries have the option to allow patrons to access the site using their library barcode. Please have your librarian or administrator contact us for further details on setting up library card access.


4.   Is Social Explorer accessible through Athens?

Athens authentication is available for Social Explorer.


5.   I have forgotten my username and password.

If you are using access information provided by your library, please contact your librarian or administrator for library access information.