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Data Dictionary: Census 1850
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Survey: Census 1850
Data Source: Digitally transcribed by Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. Edited, verified by Michael Haines. Compiled, edited and verified by Social Explorer.
Table: T50. Education Income [4]
Universe: Total Education Income
Table Details
T50. Education Income
Universe: Total Education Income
  • The following Counties' and states' aggregated table totals do not match Total Annual Public School Income. County: Providence, RI, Henry, IN, Henry, IN, Howard, IN, Washington, PA, Sauk, WI, Tarrant, TX, and Washington, TX. States: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Indiana.
  • Differences exceed 1% of published total education for all of the listed counties and states except for state of Pennsylvania and Indiana.
  • Caution: Social Explorer did not alter any counts due to the magnitude of differences. User are advised of these discrepancies.