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Data Dictionary: Census 1990
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Survey: Census 1990
Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Table: H24. Sewage Disposal [4]
Universe: Housing units
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H24. Sewage Disposal
Universe: Housing units
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Excerpt from: Social Explorer, U.S. Census Bureau; Census of Population and Housing, 1990: Summary Tape File 3 on CD-ROM [machine-readable data files] / prepared by the Bureau of the Census. Washington: The Bureau [producer and distributor], 1991.
Sewage Disposal
The data on sewage disposal were obtained from questionnaire item H16, which was asked at both occupied and vacant housing units. This item was asked on a sample basis. Housing units are either connected to a public sewer, to a septic tank or cesspool, or they dispose of sewage by other means. A public sewer may be operated by a government body or by a private organization. A housing unit is considered to be connected to a septic tank or cesspool when the unit is provided with an underground pit or tank for sewage disposal. The category, "Other means" includes housing units which dispose of sewage in some other way.

Data on sewage disposal have been collected since 1940. In 1970 and 1980, data were shown only for year-round housing units. In 1990, data are shown for all housing units.