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Documentation: Census 1990
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Publisher: U.S. Census Bureau
Survey: Census 1990
Document: Summary Tape File 1
Social Explorer, U.S. Census Bureau; Census of Population and Housing, 1990: Summary Tape File 1 on CD-ROM [machine-readable data files] / prepared by the Bureau of the Census. Washington: The Bureau [producer and distributor], 1991.
Summary Tape File 1
Chapter 7. User Notes
User notes supply file purchasers with additional or corrected information which becomes available after the technical documentation or files are prepared. Additionally, technical notes explain problems related only to the tape file. Notes are issued in a numbered series and automatically mailed to all users who purchase files from the Census Bureau. Other users may obtain them by subscribing to the user note series. Contact Customer Services (301-763-4100) for subscription information.

The notes also are available electronically upon release from the Census Bureau's State and Regional Programs bulletin board. The bulletin board phone number is 301-763-7554. Each user note has a cover sheet which should be filed following this page. Technical documentation replacement pages will follow the cover sheet. These pages need to be filed in their proper location and the original pages destroyed. Replacement pages can be readily identified, since they have the user note date on the lower outside portion of each page. We suggest filing technical notes at the end of the technical documentation.

User Note Ordering Information
Additional information concerning this file may be available at a later date. If you receive this technical documentation (with or without tape purchase) from the Census Bureau and wish to receive these User Notes, please complete the coupon below and return it to:

Data User Services Division
Customer Services Branch
Bureau of the Census
Washington, DC 20233


Name of File: Census of Population and Housing, 1990: Summary Tape File 1 on CD-ROM Please send me any information that becomes available later concerning the file listed above.



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