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Data Dictionary: Census 1970
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Survey: Census 1970
Data Source: Social Explorer & U.S. Census Bureau
Table: T132. Nativity By Citizenship Status (5%) [5]
Universe: Total Population
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T132. Nativity By Citizenship Status (5%)
Universe: Total Population
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Excerpt from: Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; 1970 Census Users’ Guide; U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1970.
Ascertained from a question on place of birth (State, foreign country or U.S. possession) or, in certain cases, parents place of birth. The population is classified into two major groups: native and foreign born. Place of birth was to be reported for the mothers usual place of residence, rather than the location of the hospital, etc., where birth occurred.

Native population
Includes persons born in the United States, Puerto Rico, or a possession of the United States. Also included are persons who, although they were born in a foreign country or at sea, have at least one native American parent.

The native population is classified by State of birth and related categories. Codes for each State and major U.S. possession are carried on census basic records. However, detailed tabulations of State of birth are not prepared. Rather, a more general categorization of State of birth related to State of residence , which is useful for migration analysis, is presented. The complete set of categories is as follows:

Natives born in state of residence (persons living in state of birth)
Persons born in the State in which they were residing at time of enumeration.

Natives born in other states
Persons born in a State other than one in which they were residing at time of enumeration. This category is further broken down into region of birth in some tabulations.

Natives born in outlying area of U.S. (at Sea, etc.)
Census basic records carry natives born in outlying areas of U.S. as a separate category from natives born at sea or abroad of American parents.

Puerto Rican stock
Includes persons known to have been born in Puerto Rico and other persons with one or both parents born in Puerto Rico. Also referred to as natives of Puerto Rican origin or as persons of Puerto Rican birth or parentage.

Natives State of birth not reported
Persons whose place of birth was not reported are assumed to be native in the absence of contradictory information.

Foreign born population
Includes all persons not classified as native.