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Documentation: Census 1960 (US, County & State)
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Publisher: U.S. Census Bureau
Document: School Enrollment (Volume II, Part V - Subject Reports)
U.S. Bureau of the Census. U.S. Census of Population: 1960. Subject Reports, School Enrollment. Final Report PC(2)-5A. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1964.
School Enrollment (Volume II, Part V - Subject Reports)
This report presents detailed statistics on school enrollment of the population 5 to 34 years of age, cross-classified by various demographic, social, and economic characteristics. The statistics in this re-port are based on a 5-percent sample of the population enumerated in the Eighteenth Decennial Census of Population, taken as of April 1, 1960.

The tables in this report were designed to provide information about three major topics within the area of enrollment statistics. Tables 1 to 7 relate to the characteristics associated with enrollment status and with relative progress of enrollees as measured by age-grade school patterns. Tables 8 to 10 deal mainly with some characteristics of college students and of persons of college age who are not enrolled. Tables 11 to 16 are concerned primarily with persons 14 to 24 years old who are not enrolled in school. Personal and family characteristics are shown for the last group according to their educational attainment to permit comparisons, for example, of the characteristics of high school dropouts with those of high school graduates at the same ages. National figures are shown in all of the tables, and statistics for regions and for urban and rural areas of residence are included in many of the tables.
Related Materials
1960 Census reports
Statistics on school enrollment of the population 5 to years old based on a 25-percent sample tabulation for the United States, regions, divisions, States, standard metropolitan statistical areas, urbanized areas, urban places, and counties, have been published in chapter C of 1960 Census of Population, Volume I, Characteristics of the Population. Chapter D of Volume I present more detailed data on school enrollment by age from the same sample for persons 5 to years old, and on the educational attainment of persons 14 to 24 years old not enrolled in school, for the United States, regions, divisions, States, and cities of 250,000 or more persons. Volume I consists of 57 parts, Part 1 containing statistics for the United States as a whole, and the remaining parts showing statistics for each State and for outlying areas. Chapters C and D were originally published as paper-hound Series PC(1)-C reports, "General Social and Economic Characteristics," and Series PC(1)-D reports, "Detailed Characteristics."

Statistics on school enrollment of the population 5 to years of age by level and type of school (public or private) are also shown in the reports for census tracts of large cities and adjacent areas- These data are presented for 180 areas in 1960 Censuses of Population and Housing, Census Tracts, Series PHC(1).
Additional statistics on school enrollment are included in other 1960 Census of Population Subject Reports, Series PC(2), and Selected Area Reports, Series PC(3), which either have already been published or are being planned for publication.
1950 Census reports
Data on school enrollment based on a 20-percent sample of the population for the United States, regions, divisions, States, standard metropolitan areas, urbanized areas, cities, and counties were published in Volume II, and for census tracts in Volume III, of the 1950 Census reports. Statistics on school enrollment of persons 5 to 13 years old enrolled in school based on a 3 1/3-percent sample, cross-classified by some of the characteristics shown in this report, were published in a report entitled "Education," which was Part 5B of Volume IV, Special Reports, of the 1950 Census reports; additional data on school enrollment, cross-classified by various subjects, were part of other special reports in Volume IV.
Current Population Survey
Statistics on school enrollment for the United States as a whole are collected annually in October and published by the Bureau of the Census through its Current Population Survey (CPS). The CPS is a nationwide survey, covering a sample of about 35,000 interviewed households. These statistics are published in Current Population Reports, Series P-20. Additional CPS statistics on school enrollment by labor force status appear in Special Labor Force Reports, issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Projections of school enrollment for future years are prepared at intervals by the Bureau of the Census staff and are published in the Series P-25 reports. Special studies relating school enrollment to various socioeconomic characteristics based on information obtained in the CPS have been published in Series P-20 reports and in Farm Population, Series Census-ERS (P-27) reports.
Availability of Unpublished Data
Data shown in this report are also available for States and their urban and rural parts. These unpublished data, which are on magnetic computer tape, can be made available on a reimbursable basis. Inquiries concerning unpublished data should be transmitted to the Bureau as soon as possible because tape files are not maintained indefinitely. Requests for unpublished data, giving a specific description of the figures desired, may be made in writing to the Chief, Population Division, Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C. 20233.