Data Dictionary: Census 1950 Census Tract, County, State and US
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Data Source: Digitally transcribed by Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. Edited, verified by Michael Haines. Compiled, edited and verified by Social Explorer.
Data set: Social Explorer Tables (SE)
Dataset Description
Social Explorer Tables

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Social Explorer Tables  (52 tables)
Table Title
T1 Total Population
T2 Area
T3 Population Density
T4 Sex
T5 Sex (White Population)
T6 Age
T6A Age - Cumulative (Less)
T6B Age - Cumulative (More)
T7 Age (Male Population)
T7A Age (Male Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T7B Age (Male Population) - Cumulative (More)
T8 Age (Female Population)
T8A Age (Female Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T8B Age (Female Population) - Cumulative (More)
T9 Age (White Population)
T9A Age (White Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T9B Age (White Population) - Cumulative (More)
T10 Age (White Male Population)
T10A Age (White Male Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T10B Age (White Male Population) - Cumulative (More)
T11 Age (White Female Population)
T11A Age (White Female Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T11B Age (White Female Population) - Cumulative (More)
T12 Age By Sex
T12A Age By Sex - Cumulative (Less)
T12B Age By Sex - Cumulative (More)
T13 Age By Sex (White Population)
T13A Age By Sex (White Population) - Cumulative (Less)
T13B Age By Sex (White Population) - Cumulative (More)
T14 Educational Attainment for Population 25 Years and Over
T15 Highest Educational Attainment for Population 25 Years and Over
T16 Marital Status
T17 Marital status (Male Population)
T18 Marital status (Female Population)
T19 Marital Status By Sex
T20 Residence
T21 Employment Status
T22 Employment Status (Male Population)
T23 Employment Status (Female Population)
T24 Employment Status By Sex
T25 Unemployment Rate
T26 Unemployment Rate (Male Population)
T27 Unemployment Rate (Female Population)
T28 Unemployment Rate By Sex
T29 Class of Worker
T30 Class of Worker (Male Population)
T31 Class of Worker (Female Population)
T32 Class of Worker By Sex
T33 Occupation
T34 Occupation (Male Population)
T35 Occupation (Female Population)
T36 Occupation By Sex