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Data Dictionary: Census 1940 Census Tract Only
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Data Source: Digitally transcribed by Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. Edited, verified by Michael Haines. Compiled, edited, verified and additional data entered by Social Explorer.
Table: T14. Occupation By Sex (Employed Population) [23]
Universe: Total Employed Population
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Occupation and class of worker
The statistics presented in this bulletin showing workers classified by major occupation groups and class of worker are limited to employed workers, that is, persons 14 years old and over who were actually at work or who had a job in the week of March 2.1 to 30, 1940.
The occupation statistics presented in this bulletin are in terms of 10 major groupings of the 451 specific occupation titles of the 1940 classification system used by the Bureau of the Census. It may be noted that the occupations Farmers (owners and tenants) and Farm managers are included in the major occupation group Proprietors, managers, and officials; and that the occupations Farm laborers (wage workers) and farm foremen and Farm laborers (unpaid family workers) are included in the major occupation group Laborers.