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Documentation: ACS 2010 (1-Year Estimates)
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Publisher: U.S. Census Bureau
Document: ACS 2010-1yr Summary File: Technical Documentation
Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey 2010 Summary File: Technical Documentation.
ACS 2010-1yr Summary File: Technical Documentation
Appendix B. Graphical Representation of ACS Summary File Organization
B.1 2010 ACSSF All In 1 Giant File (Experienced-Users-Only)

B.2 2010 ACSSF By State All Tables

B.3 2010 ACSSF By State By Sequence Table Subset

* The United States folder contains tables for summary levels that cross state boundaries, such as the nation, regions, divisions, metropolitan statistical areas and tribal reservations. It does not contain tables for geographies that are entirely within a state, such as counties and places; for those tables, go to the folder for that state.