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Documentation: ACS 2007 (1-Year Estimates)
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Publisher: U.S. Census Bureau
Document: ACS 2007-1yr Summary File: Technical Documentation
Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey 2007 Summary File: Technical Documentation.
ACS 2007-1yr Summary File: Technical Documentation
Appendix E. Data Products and User Assistance
The following documentation is provided to give users additional information on the ACS data products and to provide user assistance.
A guide to the ACS data products on the American FactFinder Website is located on:
An overview of the changes in the data products since the 2006 ACS, including new products, is available on:
Details on 2007 data products availability are available on:
Guidance on making data comparisons between the 2007 ACS, 2006 ACS, and Census 2000 is available on: