Data Dictionary: Census 1960 Tracts Only Set
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Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau - DUALabs
Data set: Original Tables (ORG)
Dataset Description
Original Tables
Original Tables  (63 tables)
Table Title
A1 Household Relationship--Whites
A2 Occupancy/Vacancy Status And Tenure
A3 Housing Quality
A4 Rooms In Unit
A5 Persons In Unit
A6 Crowding
A7 House Value
A8 Household Relationship--Nonwhites
A9 Count Of Renter-Occupied Units Reporting Rent
A10 Aggregate $ Monthly Contract Rent For Renter-Occupied Units Reporting Rent
A11 Race And Sex--Nonwhites
A12 Age
A13 Age--Nonwhites (18--20 year olds only)
A14 Age--White Persons
A15 Age--Nonwhites
A16 Marital Status
T17 Puerto Rican Birth Or Parentage
T18 Nativity And Parentage
T19 Country Of Origin
T20 Household Structure
T21 School Enrollment
T22 Years Of School Completed
T23 Residence In 1955
T24 Family Income
T25 Unrelated Individual Income
T26 Employment Status
T27 Married Women In Labor Force 6
T28 Occupation
T29 Class Of Worker
T30 Industry
T31 Means Of Transportation To Work
T32 Place Of Work
T33 Age--Puerto Rican/Spanish Surname
T34 Marital Status--Puerto Rican/Spanish Surname
T35 Urban-Rural Residence
T36 Current Activity Of Persons Not In Labor Force
T37 Farm Activity
T38 Tenure And Vacancy Status
T39 Count Of Nonwhite Females 14+
T40 Count Of Nonwhite Population
T41 Tenure--Puerto Rican/Spanish Surname Units
T42 Condition And Plumbing
T43 Bathrooms
T44 Rooms
T45 Units In Structures
T46 Year Structure Built
T47 Basement
T48 Heating Equipment
T49 Number Of Persons
T50 Persons Per Room
T51 Year Moved Into Unit
T52 Automobiles
T53 House Value
T54 Gross Rent
T55 Contract Rent
T56 Number Of Stories And Presence Of Elevator
T57 Trailers
T58 Source Of Water
T59 Sewage Disposal
T60 Urban-Rural Location And Tenure
T61 Heating Fuel
T62 Count Of Persons In The Experienced Civilian Labor Force
T63 Detailed Occupation