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Leading universities provide faculty and students with access to world class digital products in order to train for the skills of the future. Understanding and using data is a core skill in many careers today and is the reason why Social Explorer is used at 20/20 top universities including all the Ivy League colleges.

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It’s a product as welcome in a high school classroom as the pages of The New York Times. Explorer’s power lies in it’s transmogrifying effect on intimidating data. It transforms eye-glazing rows of dry statistics into vibrant maps full of meaning. It awakens curiosity.
Michael J. Hughes, Librarian, Trinity U.

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Social Explorer is an ideal teaching tool that employs an engaging visual approach to understanding data and information. Students develop critical-thinking skills, data literacy and reasoning which are essential in preparing students to succeed in today’s education and life.

Social Explorer is truly cross-disciplinary, aiding instructors in Sociology, Urban Studies, Urban Planning, Real Estate, Criminology, Political Science, Economic Development, Business, Marketing, Economics, Geography, Environmental Studies, Journalism and more.

Illustration of a teacher presenting using a Social Explorer bubble map.
Is your commute normal?

In this short video, Andrew Beveridge discusses the demographics of American commuting patterns.

Illustration of a person looking at a population and an income report


Social Explorer is designed to provide libraries, scholars, students, and researchers at all levels with quick and easy access to current and historical socio-economic and demographic data. The vast and growing amount of quantitative data with an intuitive visual interface makes demographic research, analysis of social trends, and comparison of neighborhoods easily accessible and interactive.


Preparing students for the jobs of the future.

Data and location know-how is central in many industries. Hundreds of thousands of companies and agencies benefit from location analysis skills. Give your students the skills and knowledge that will serve them well after graduation.

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I joined Social Explorer to use in a class I am in about neighborhoods; we are doing a project about specific neighborhoods using data on populations and demographics, and are meant to visually delineate the neighborhood based on census tracts. It has been very helpful. Thanks, Grace
Grace Garrity, Student
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