Filter areas by criteria

Social Explorer’s brand new data filtering tool, Filter areas by criteria, allows you to filter geographies by data and identify locations based on your search parameters. Examine relationships and trends among different data points from the broadest to the most granular levels of geography on a single map.

The data filtering option allows you to filter geographies by as many variables as you want. Your selected criteria will simply filter the geographies on the map. You can click on any data within the selected dataset and visualize the results on the filtered geographies.

Here’s how to use the data filtering tool.

  1. In the Change data menu, click More options and select the option Filter areas by criteria.
  2. Click Add filter in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Browse data by Categories or search by All Data.
  4. To isolate areas by specific search parameters, select the variable you’d like to visualize.
  5. Enter a value in numerical or percentage form in the value field to set the criteria for filtering. For string or text variables, we'll provide a list of available values.

  6. Add as many filters as you’d like. If the filter is valid, the geographies matching the criteria are displayed in color, while areas that don’t meet the applied criteria are grayed out.

  7. To choose different combinations for your selected filters, select Match all for areas that meet all of the given criteria; Match any for areas that meet one or more given criteria; or Match none to highlight the areas that don't meet your criteria from the dropdown menu.

    Click Done when finished.

  8. After you’ve selected your filter(s), the indicator ‘Data filter is on’ appears in the top right corner of the screen. Click to quickly access the filter editor, or click the X symbol to clear all filters from the map.

  9. Click Criteria in the map legend to generate a popup displaying your selected filters while viewing the map.

  10. Your saved filters will apply to maps in embedded mode. Click  to share your maps set to your selected filters.

Keep in mind that while using the filtering option, the data used for filtering does not appear on the map.