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Logging In and Account Types


Social Explorer offers institutional, personal and other types of logins depending on your subscription type. With any account type, you can enjoy full access to data resources and tools, as well as easy remote access and the ability to save and share your creations.


Accessing Social Explorer at a Subscribing Institution

To see if you are logged into the Professional Edition of Social Explorer, look at the upper right corner of the page. If you see professional license information, it means that your Institution subscribes to Social Explore and you have a full access to all tools and resources.

If you don't see license information and a ribbon, you are on the free edition of Social Explorer. 


If your institution, such as an academic library, is a subscriber, you will have access to Social Explorer anywhere on the network.  This automatic authentication is the most common means of accessing Social Explorer’s premium content (using IP addresses, URL referrers, or EZ Proxy, depending on the institution).

If you are trying to use Social Explorer from off-site, you may need to use your institution’s procedures for accessing resources remotely, such as the library’s electronic resources.

If you believe your institution subscribes, but you are not automatically logged in when you go to the site, please consult your librarian or administrator. 

To find out if your library subscribes to Social Explorer, go to your library homepage and see if it is listed with the online resources. If not, please click here to recommend the site to your librarian.

For more on configurations for libraries and administrators, please click here


Setting up a Personal Account for Institutional users:

Once connected through an institutional account, users may also set up individual accounts to save, share, and collaborate on maps and projects. Personal accounts help users take full advantage of Social Explorer’s features.  (You do not need to setup a personal account to access Social Explorer’s resources and tools.)

Once you set up a personal account, your avatar will display on the top right below the license information.

Your linked personal account will also authenticate you for remote login access to Social Explorer for three months.

This will simplify your login steps and make it easier to gain access to Social Explorer both on the institutional network and remotely.  (You can refresh the connection to extend the link for additional three-month periods. You will find all relevant information on My Account page)


Logging in with a Personal or Corporate/Government/Other Account:

Personal: If you are an individual subscriber, enter your username and password at the login prompt in the upper right corner of the page.

Corporate/Government/Other: If your company or institution is a subscriber (but not using IP access), you may login through the institutional page, which you can access here.  Or, by clicking on the Log In or Sign Up page, and selecting Institutional Log In.”


From this screen, you can also connect your Facebook or Google Plus account to Social Explorer for streamlined access.



A limited version of Social Explorer is available to the general public for free. You may access it by going to the Maps or Tables section of the site. There you will find hundreds of maps and reports from the 2000 Census, as well as a set of selected additional data.

For more information on Social Explorer’s premium offerings and how to subscribe, please click here.