Where can I find my institution’s account information?

All the information we have about your institution can be found in the Admin Panel part of Social Explorer. You need to have an administrator account to log in and view this information. If you don't have an administrator account yet, contact us and we'll help you get started. 

How to access the admin panel for your institution?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top-right corner, then click My Organization.

What information can you see?


General information about your institution.


Information about license status. In this section, you can see current and past licenses for your institution, as well as concurrency and license expiration date.


All of the access information we have on file for your institution. You can check all the access methods: IP addresses, Referring URL, OpenAthens, and recently added Email domain.

If we don't have any information for you in a given category, no information will appear, or you will see a "This organization has no authentication method enabled." indicator.

It's not yet possible to update your own information on this page. To make changes to the information you see on this page, contact Support.


Add additional administrators for your institutions if needed. Administrators will have access to the Admin panel and they will be able to see all the institutional info. They will also be able to add/remove other administrators and members. You can learn how to add or remove an administrator here.


Add permanent members to your institution. Each institution can have up to 10 members by default (contact us if you wish to add more). Members receive a permanent license to Social Explorer, eliminating the need to re-authenticate every three months. You can learn how to add or remove a member here.

Counter Reports

Get usage reports for your institution. Social Explorer offers COUNTER Release 5 reports compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice. Usage statistics are available from October 2019 onward. To find out more, visit our section on usage reports.

For more information about COUNTER 5 reports, see COUNTER 5 Overview.  
To learn how to generate usage reports, see How to Generate Usage Reports.


Find usage statistics credentials for your institution: SUSHI URL, Customer ID, and Requestor ID. 

For more info about the SUSHI protocol, see SUSHI reporting.


Contact our support team directly from the admin panel.