Masking areas of interest

This guide will show you:

The Masking tool lets you focus on a specific area of the map by removing data from all the surrounding areas. Let’s say you’re interested only in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and South Carolina. Visualizing data for the entire United States might make your visualization feel cluttered and end up overshadowing the point you’re trying to make. Our masking tool was designed to solve that particular problem, as the data will be shown only inside the masked area and the rest will be grayed out.

Creating a mask

  1. In the top right corner of the application, click the menu button, and select Mask Map Data.

  1. In the Masking tool panel, select the geography layer you wish to use to create your mask. You may also choose to include nested layers. These will show up as we zoom into the map. If none of the nested geographies are checked, you will only see the masked states.

There are five selection tools available in the masking tool: point selection tool point selection, rectangle selection tool  rectangle selection, circle selection tool circle selection, polygon selection tool polygon selection, and line selection tool line selection tool. 

Learn more about our selection toolbox in this short guide

  1. Click the individual selection tool to click and select or deselect one geography at a time by clicking on it. In our case, we’ll click Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and South Carolina.

  1. When finished, click Done

Removing a mask

To remove a mask, click the X symbol on the mask button in the upper left corner of the application.