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Custom Bubble Color, Size & Percent

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Custom Bubble Color and Size:

Bubble maps show data values by the location and size of the circles (bubbles).  You can edit the color and size of the bubbles, as well as add a percentage display to this type of map.

To change the color of the bubble, click on the legend and click on the "Colors" button.  Here you may select a new color from the list. 


Costumizing bubblles 2


In the legend you will also see a Bubble size definition.  You can slide the bar up or down to adjust the ratio between the size of the bubble and the value it represents.


6 Costumizing bubblles 1


Adding Percentages:

Bubble maps have the ability to display multiple pieces of information in a single visualization.  The size of the bubble shows the value, and you can add a color gradient to show the related percent.  Click on the "+% Add percentages" button to activate this option.  For example, in the next map, the size of the bubble shows the number of African Americans in a county while the color of the bubble shows the percent of the county population that is African American.  


Costumizing bubblles 3