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Social Explorer offers several different kinds of annotations to enhance your map. These include place markers, hotspots and a variety of drawing tools. To access the annotations menu, click on the bars to the right of the map title, and then select "Annotate Map."

Accessing Annotations

A menu of options will appear, allowing you to customize the appearance of your map.

Annotations Menu

Add any of these items instantly, and customize them for your own use. For example, after adding a marker to the map, menus will give you the option of changing the color, size, title, etc.    

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 3.57.05 PM

You may also add interactive elements to the marker, such as a video, chart or image, by clicking on the "Interactivity" tab.

Be sure to save your map and annotations to your personal account.

For a sampling of different annotations, check out our activity on Commuting, which also incorporates multimedia.