Billing FAQ

  1. Can I try before subscribing?  
    Test out’s features on our Basic plan where you can experiment with limited datasets for free. Or, try our premium edition for fourteen days free of charge. You will have access to all features included in the paid account. We just ask you to provide your billing information. But you can cancel anytime you want during that fourteen day trial period and you won't be charged.
  2. Why do you need my credit card information for a free trial? 
    We will ask you for billing information so we can continue your service uninterrupted if you choose to subscribe. Cancel during the fourteen-day trial period and you won't be charged. There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our account plans.
  3. What payment methods do you accept?  
    – We accept the following payment types: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.
    – At this time, we do not accept PayPal, wire transfers, electron cards, money orders, bitcoins, or Maestro cards.
  4. What is the difference between annual and monthly pricing?  
    Annual pricing gives you the ability to pay for a plan upfront at a discounted rate. You save 20% by signing up for an entire year. All plans, whether monthly or annual pricing, have no contracts or restrictions.
  5. Changing the billing period partway through the billing cycle
    Monthly to Annual – You can change to an annual subscription at any point during the billing cycle. We will calculate the time used and any additional money will be reduced from future billing.
    Annual to Monthly – We don't support the change from annual to monthly plan during an active billing cycle. When your current billing cycle ends, you will be able to switch to a monthly plan.
  6. Will my subscription renew automatically?  
    For your convenience, auto-renewal is enabled by default when subscribing to a paid plan. You can disable your subscription’s auto-renew setting by cancelling your subscription.
  7. How do I cancel my account?
    You can cancel your plan at any time, by going to My Licenses page and clicking Cancel Plan button under My Licenses section. This change will take effect as soon as your current billing cycle ends. At that time, we’ll automatically downgrade you to the Basic plan. You will still have access to projects you created with your paid plan. You can always renew your subscription later and pick up where you left off.
  8. What happens to my saved projects when downgrading to Basic plan?
    Downgrading to the Basic plan will not delete any of your projects, but:
    – You'll be limited to exploring only sample data sets.
    – You'll be able to see your projects only in view mode.
  9. What is Social Explorer's refund policy?
    We do not provide refunds, but if you have questions about this policy, feel free to email us.