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Data Dictionary: Religion 2010 (InfoGroup)
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Data Source: Data collected by InfoGroup, organized by the ARDA, tabulated and processed by Social Explorer.
Universe: Total Number of Congregations
Variable Details
T3. Total Number of Congregations - Evangelical Protestant
Universe: Total Number of Congregations
T003_019 North American Baptist Conference
Aggregation method:
Formula used to compute this variable:
#ReturnType oretval = new #ReturnType(); oretval = ORG:T006_017; return oretval;
Variables used in the formula:
North American Baptist Conference
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Excerpt from: Social Explorer Religion 2010 Documentation. Data collected by the InfoGroup, organized by the ARDA, tabulated and processed by Social Explorer.
Evangelical Protestants
Evangelical Protestant denominations and churches emphasize conversion and evangelism, hold biblical authority in high regard, and tend to seek more separation from the broader culture. Evangelical Protestantism is usually seen as more theologically and socially conservative than mainline Protestantism, although there is obviously variation among evangelical denominations, congregations, and individuals.
  • Adventists - Other
  • Church of God General Conference
  • Seventh Day Adventists
  • Seventh Day Church of God
  • American Baptist Association
  • Baptist General Conference
  • Baptist - Other
  • Baptist Bible Fellowship
  • Baptist Missionary Association of America
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
  • Independent Baptist Churches
  • Conservative Baptist Association
  • Free Will Baptists
  • General Assoc. of Regular Baptists
  • Assoc. of General Baptists
  • General Association of Separatist Baptists
  • North American Baptist Conference
  • Primitive Baptists
  • Seventh Day Baptist Gen. Conference
  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • Southwide Baptist Fellowship
  • United Baptist
  • World Baptist Fellowship
  • Congregational Methodist Church
  • Evangelical Congregational Church
  • Evangelical Methodist Church
  • Independent Methodist Churches
  • Primitive Methodist Church
  • Southern Methodist Church
  • American Association of Lutheran Church
  • Apostolic Lutheran Church of America
  • Association of Free Lutheran Congregations
  • Church of Lutheran Confession
  • Church of the Lutheran Brethren
  • Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • Lutheran - Other
  • Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
  • Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran
  • Association Reformed Presbyterian Church
  • Bible Presbyterian Church
  • Christian Reformed Church
  • Churches of God (Findlay, OH)
  • Congregational Christian Churches
  • Conservative Congregation Christian Conference
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  • Free Reformed Churches of North America
  • Free Presbyterian Church
  • Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  • Presbyterian Church in America
  • Presbyterian/Reformed - Other
  • Protestant Reformed Churches
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
  • Reformed Church in the USA
  • United Reformed Churches in North America
  • Maranatha Christian Churches
  • Apostolic Church of Pentecost
  • Apostolic Churches - Other
  • Apostolic Faith Church
  • Assemblies of God
  • Calvary Chapel
  • Christian Church of North America
  • Church of God (Cleveland, TN)
  • Church of God of Prophecy
  • Church of God - Mountain Assembly
  • Church of God - Other
  • Congregational Holiness Church, Inc.
  • Deliverance Churches
  • Church On the Rock
  • Word Churches
  • Elim Fellowship
  • Faith Christian Fellowship
  • Full Gospel Fellowship
  • Hall Deliverance Foundation
  • International Foursquare Gospel
  • International Pentecostal Church of Christ
  • Association of Vineyard Churches
  • Liberty Fellowship of Churches
  • Open Bible Standard Churches
  • Church of God (Original)
  • Pentecostal Church of God
  • Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church
  • International Pentecostal Holiness Church
  • Pentecostal - Other
  • United Christian Church
  • United Pentecostal Church
  • Victory Churches International
  • Brethren - Other
  • Fellowship of Grace Brethren
  • Church of the Brethren
  • Old German Baptist Brethren Church
  • United Brethren in Christ
  • Berean Fundamental Churches
  • Church of the Open Door
  • Independent Bible Churches
  • Fundamental Bible Churches
  • Grace Gospel Fellowship
  • Independent Fundamental Churches
  • Plymouth Brethren
  • Anglican - Other
  • Anglican Episcopal of North America
  • Charismatic Episcopal Church
  • Anglican Orthodox Church
  • Reformed Episcopal Church
  • Christian & Churches of Christ
  • Christian - Other
  • Churches of Christ (Non-Instrumental)
  • Church of God in Christ, Mennonite
  • Conservative Mennonite Fellowship
  • Amish (Mennonite)
  • Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference
  • Brethren in Christ
  • Mennonite Brethren Church
  • Mennonite Brethren Church
  • Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist
  • American Rescue Workers
  • Apostolic Christian (Nazarean)
  • Bible Methodist Connection
  • Christian & Missionary Alliance
  • Ch. of Christ in Christian Union
  • Churches of God (Independent Holiness)
  • Church of God (Holiness)
  • Pillar of Fire
  • Evangelical Christian Church
  • Evangelical Church of North America
  • Free Methodist Church of North America
  • Grace and Hope Mission
  • Holiness - Other
  • Missionary Church
  • National Association of Holiness Churches
  • Church of the Nazarene
  • Rescue Mission
  • Salvation Army
  • Wesleyan Church
  • Christadelphians
  • Evangelical Covenant Church
  • Evangelical Free Church
  • Evangelical - Other
  • Federated Church
  • Schwenkfelder Church
  • United/Union Churches
  • Worldwide Church of God