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Data Dictionary: Religion 2009 (InfoGroup)
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Data Source: Data collected by InfoGroup, organized by the ARDA, tabulated and processed by Social Explorer.
Table: T21. Total Number of Congregations - Presbyterian/Reformed [22]
Universe: Total Number of Congregations
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Excerpt from: Social Explorer Religion 2009 Documentation. Data collected by the InfoGroup, organized by the ARDA, tabulated and processed by Social Explorer.
Presbyterian-Reformed Family
The Protestant tradition based on the teachings of reformer John Calvin. The Reformed tradition consists both of Presbyterian churches as well as denominations that developed in continental Europe, such as the Dutch and the German Reformed.
  • Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (General Synod)
  • Bible Presbyterian Church
  • Christian Church
  • Christian Reformed Church in North America
  • Churches of God, General Conference
  • Congregational Christian Churches
  • Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  • Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  • Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  • Presbyterian Church in America
  • Protestant Reformed Churches in America
  • Reformed Church in America
  • Reformed Church in the United States
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, General Synod
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
  • Reformed Presbyterian Synod
  • United Church of Christ
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