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Data Dictionary: Census 1870
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Survey: Census 1870
Data Source: Digitally transcribed by Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. Edited, verified by Michael Haines. Compiled, edited and verified by Social Explorer.
Table: T4. Sex [3]
Universe: Total Population
Table Details
T4. Sex
Universe: Total Population
Variable Label
  • Baltimore, MD and Baltimore City, MD are listed as counties in 1870. Baltimore has a total population of 330,741 with an urban population of 267,354. However, for this table Baltimore iterated 31,981 males and 31,406 females for an aggregated table total of 63,387. 63,387 is the Baltimore's suburban population or total population minus urban population (330,741-267,354=63,387).
  • Baltimore city do not have a total population count but iterated 125,849 males and 141,504 females for table total of 267,354 or Baltimore's urban population.
  • The Disputed Islands, WA and Whatcom, WA are considered counties. The Disputed Islands has a total population of 554 without any gender iterations while Whatcom has a population of 534 but iterated 731 males and 357 females. Aggregated gender total for Whatcom County is 1,088 which is also the sum of published populations for The Disputed Islands and Whatcom (554+534=1,088).
  • Universe: "Total Population" calculated By SE. Universe now reflects aggregated table total. Baltimore now has a total population of 63,387 and Baltimore city, 267,354. Whatcom, WA will have a total population of 1,088 while The Disputed Island will not have any counts for this table.