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Data Dictionary: Census 1970
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Survey: Census 1970
Data Source: Social Explorer & U.S. Census Bureau
Universe: Total Population
Variable Details
T19. Group Quarters Population
Universe: Total Population
T019_001Count of Persons:
Percent base:
None - percentages not computed (variable is table universe)
Aggregation method:
Variables used in the formula:
In Nonfamily Households: Male primary individual
In Nonfamily Households: Female primary individual
In Family Households: Head: Male
In Family Households: Head: Female
In Family Households: Wife of head
In Family Households: Child of head
In Family Households: Other relative of head
In Family Households: Nonrelative (includes roomer, boarder or lodger) of head of household
In Group Quarters: Institution: Male inmate of institution
In Group Quarters: Institution: Female inmate of institution
In Group Quarters: Other: Male in other group quarters
In Group Quarters: Other: Female in other group quarters
Relevant Documentation:
Excerpt from: Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; 1970 Census Users’ Guide; U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1970.
Group quarters membership
All persons who are not members of households are regarded as living in group quarters. (See Part III, Housing Concepts.)

Quarters occupied by 5 or more persons unrelated to the head of the household are called group quarters. Quarters with no designated head but with 6 or more unrelated persons are also group quarters.

Some quarters occupied by only one or two persons may also be group quarters. For example, one to five persons occupying a surgical ward of a general hospital, who have no usual residence elsewhere, are in group quarters, as are students living in dormitories. Institutional quarters occupied by one or more patients or inmates are institutional group quarters.

All members of group quarters are classified as either secondary individuals or as inmates of institutions. Group quarters members are classified by type of group quarters as shown below.