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Data Dictionary: Census 1940 Census Tract Only
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Data Source: Digitally transcribed by Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. Edited, verified by Michael Haines. Compiled, edited, verified and additional data entered by Social Explorer.
Universe: Total of Housing Units Reporting Value of Home
Variable Details
T22. Housing Unit Value
Universe: Total of Housing Units Reporting Value of Home
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Value and monthly rent
The enumerator was instructed to report for each owner-occupied dwelling unit the estimated current market value of the home and, if nonfarm, its estimated monthly rental value; for each tenant-occupied unit, the monthly contract rent or, if no cash rent was paid, the estimated monthly rental value based on rents for similar dwelling units in the neighborhood; and far each vacant unit, the rent asked or the estimated rental value. The rental reported for a vacant seasonal dwelling unit represents the actual or estimated monthly amount charged for the unit during the portion of the year it is generally occupied. Average and median values and rents are presented for each census tract. The median value or rent may be defined as that value or rent which divides the whole number of dwelling units into two equal groups, one having values or rents higher than the median, and one having lower.