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Data Dictionary: Census 1940 Census Tract Only
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Data Source: Digitally transcribed by Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. Edited, verified by Michael Haines. Compiled, edited, verified and additional data entered by Social Explorer.
Universe: Total Foreign Born White Population
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T11. Age By Sex (Foreign Born White Population)
Universe: Total Foreign Born White Population
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Race, nativity and age
Three major race classifications are distinguished in this bulletin, namely, white, Negro, and other races. Persons of Mexican birth or ancestry who were not definitely Indian or of other nonwhite race were returned as white in 1940. In tables 3a and 6a statistics for the nonwhite (Negroes and other nonwhite races combined) are shown separately for tracts with 250 or more nonwhite persons. Occupation statistics for nonwhites are presented for Southern cities only. The white population is divided into two nativity groups, native and foreign born. A person born in the United States or in any of its territories or possessions is counted as native. The foreign-born white are presented by country of birth. The country of birth classification is based on political boundaries as of January 1, 1937, and therefore includes such countries as Austria; Czechoslovakia, and Poland.
The age classification is based on the age of the person at his last birthday before the date of the census, that is, the age of the person in completed years.