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Data Dictionary: ACS 2011 (5-Year Estimates)
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Data Source: Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau
Universe: White Alone, not Hispanic or Latino Population
Variable Details
T92. Per Capita Income (In 2011 Inflation Adjusted Dollars) (White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino)
Universe: White Alone, not Hispanic or Latino Population
T092_001Per capita income (In 2011 Inflation adjusted dollars)
Percent base:
None - percentages not computed
Aggregation method:
Division of Sums: variables: Sum(B19313H001) / Sum(T014_003)
Formula used to compute this variable:
Return_Value = ACS11_5yr:B19301H001; if (ACS11_5yr:B19301H001.IsNull) Return_Value.IsNull = true
Variables used in the formula:
White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino Population: Per Capita Income in the Past 12 Months (In 2011 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars)
Relevant Documentation:
Per Capita Income
Per capita income is the mean income computed for every man, woman, and child in a particular group including those living in group quarters. It is derived by dividing the aggregate income of a particular group by the total population in that group. (The aggregate used to calculate per capita income is rounded. For more information, see "Aggregate" under "Derived Measures.") Per capita income is rounded to the nearest whole dollar. (For more information on means, see "Derived Measures.")