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Data Dictionary: ACS 2011 (5-Year Estimates)
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Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Table: B25040. House Heating Fuel [10]
Universe: Universe: Occupied housing units
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B25040. House Heating Fuel
Universe: Universe: Occupied housing units
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Excerpt from: Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey 2007-2011 Summary File: Technical Documentation.
House Heating Fuel
The data on house heating fuel were obtained from Housing Question 10 in the 2011 American Community Survey. The question was asked at occupied housing units. The data show the type of fuel used most to heat the house, apartment, or mobile home.

House heating fuel provides information on energy supply and consumption. These data are used by planners to identify the types of fuel used in certain areas and the consequences this usage may have on the area. The data also serve to aid in forecasting the need for future energy needs and power facilities such as generating plants, long distance pipelines for oil or natural gas, and long distance transmission lines for electricity.
House heating fuel is categorized on the ACS questionnaire as follows:

Utility Gas
This category includes gas piped through underground pipes from a central system to serve the neighborhood.
Bottled, Tank, or LP Gas
This category includes liquid propane gas stored in bottles or tanks that are refilled or exchanged when empty.
This category includes electricity that is generally supplied by means of above or underground electric power lines.
Fuel Oil, Kerosene, etc.
This category includes fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, and other combustible liquids.
Coal or Coke
This category includes coal or coke that is usually distributed by truck.
This category includes purchased wood, wood cut by household members on their property or elsewhere, driftwood, sawmill or construction scraps, or the like.
Solar Energy
This category includes heat provided by sunlight that is collected, stored, and actively distributed to most of the rooms.
Other Fuel
This category includes all other fuels not specified elsewhere.
No Fuel Used
This category includes units that do not use any fuel or that do not have heating equipment.
Question/Concept History
Since 1996, the American Community Survey questions have remained the same.

Data on house heating fuel in the American Community Survey can be compared to previous ACS and Census 2000 house heating fuel data.