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Data Dictionary: ACS 2010 (5-Year Estimates)
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Data Source: Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau
Universe: Housing units
Variable Details
T98. Median Year Structure Built
Universe: Housing units
T098_001Median Year Structure Built
Percent base:
None - percentages not computed
Aggregation method:
Median, using bracket table: B25034, interpolation method: Linear
Formula used to compute this variable:
Return_Value = ACS10_5yr:B25035001; if (ACS10_5yr:B25035001.IsNull) Return_Value.IsNull = true
Variables used in the formula:
Housing Units: Median Year Structure Built
Relevant Documentation:
Excerpt from: Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey 2006-2010 Summary File: Technical Documentation.
Median Year Structure Built
Median year structure built divides the distribution into two equal parts: one-half of the cases falling below the median year structure built and one-half above the median. Median year structure built is computed on the basis of a standard distribution (See the "Standard Distributions" section under "Appendix A.") The median is rounded to the nearest calendar year. Median age of housing can be obtained by subtracting median year structure built from survey year. For example, if the median year structure built is 1969, the median age of housing in that area is 40 years (2010 minus 1970). (For more information on medians, see "Derived Measures.")