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Data Dictionary: ACS 2010 (1-Year Estimates)
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Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Table: B25083. Median Value (Dollars) For Mobile Homes [1]
Universe: Universe: Owner-occupied mobile homes
Table Details
B25083. Median Value (Dollars) For Mobile Homes
Universe: Universe: Owner-occupied mobile homes
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Median and Quartile Value
The median divides the value distribution into two equal parts: one-half of the cases falling below the median value of the property (house and lot, mobile home and lot, or condominium unit) and one-half above the median. Quartiles divide the value distribution into four equal parts. Median and quartile value are computed on the basis of a standard distribution. (See the "Standard Distributions" section under "Appendix A.") Median and quartile value calculations are rounded to the nearest hundred dollars. Upper and lower quartiles can be used to note large value differences among various geographic areas. (For more information on medians and quartiles, see "Derived Measures.")

Excerpt from: Social Explorer; U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey 2010 Summary File: Technical Documentation.
Mobile Home Costs
The data on mobile home costs were obtained from Housing Question 21 in the 2010 American Community Survey. The question was asked at owner-occupied mobile homes.

These data include the total yearly costs for personal property taxes, land or site rent, registration fees, and license fees on all owner-occupied mobile homes. The instructions are to exclude real estate taxes already reported in Question 17 in the 2010 American Community Survey.

Costs are estimated as closely as possible when exact costs are not known. Amounts are the total for an entire 12-month billing period, even if they are paid by someone outside the household or remain unpaid.

The data from this question are added to payments for mortgages; real estate taxes; fire, hazard, and flood insurance payments; utilities; and fuels to derive "Selected Monthly Owner Costs" and "Selected Monthly Owner Costs as a Percentage of Household Income" for mobile home owners. These data provide information on the cost of home ownership and offer an excellent measure of housing affordability and excessive shelter costs.

Question/Concept History
The 1996-1998 American Community Survey questions were the same. Starting in 1999, the question had a lead-in question on whether the respondent had an installment loan or a contract on the mobile home. The question then asked for total costs including any installment loan.

Data on mobile home costs in the American Community Survey can be compared to previous ACS and Census 2000 mobile home costs data.