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SUNDAY, OCT 24, 2021
Change in Black Population, 2010-20

Recently released Census figures show the number of Black Americans rose slightly over the last decade, climbing 2.2 million to 39.9 million. A Social Explorer analysi...

FRIDAY, OCT 22, 2021
Population Density, 2020

New York City is still … dense. A Social Explorer analysis of 2020 Census data found that the four primary boroughs of the nation’s largest city have rema...

MONDAY, OCT 18, 2021
Vacant Housing Units, 2020

If you think the housing market is tough in your county, try moving to Washington, D.C. Four of the U.S. capital’s exurbs are among the places with the smallest ...

MONDAY, OCT 18, 2021
Change in Hispanic Population, 2010-2020

Hispanics continued to pour into the nation’s midsection over the last decade, with 193 of the nation’s 3,143 counties reporting triple-digit increases in ...

THURSDAY, OCT 14, 2021
Suburbs Seem to have Grown a Little Crowded? They Probably Are.

If many of the nation’s suburbs seem to have grown crowded over the last decade, it’s because they did. Seven of the nation’s 10 counties registering...

TUESDAY, OCT 12, 2021
Percentage Change of White Population, Census 2020

White, non-Hispanic Americans are a majority in 298 of the nation’s 435 voting congressional districts – almost 69 percent — but lost population over...

FRIDAY, OCT 08, 2021
Vacant Housing Across the United States, 2020

Even as the nation’s housing supply tightened to its lowest availability in decades, three dozen U.S. counties had more homes that were vacant than occupied, acc...

TUESDAY, OCT 05, 2021
Census 2020 Data LIVE on Social Explorer

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that the United States Census 2020 is live on Social Explorer. Conducted every ten years since 1790, the decennial censu...

TUESDAY, OCT 05, 2021
What Makes Social Explorer’s Census Data Unique?

Social Explorer is the only data provider that quickly and easily allows you to compare results of the 2010 Census to the latest version — even down to the block...

TUESDAY, OCT 05, 2021
What is Unique About the 2020 Census?

The 2020 Census was the first Census that allowed people to provide their data online or by telephone. It was only the 12th Census to be conducted during a presidentia...

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