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World Cup Data Fever: Team USA's Competitors


As the World Cup begins, team USA surprised many with a victory over team Ghana.  While coaches and commentators size up the teams, soccer/data fans can size up each other.  

Using Social Explorer's American Community Survey data resources and mapping tools, you can find out where people from the ancestry groups of the different teams live in the US.  For this round of World Cup fever, we are focusing on the teams in Group G (Ghana, Germany, and Portugal), who are competing with team USA in the first round of games.

There are 89,192 Ghanians in the USA, and nearly one in five of them live in the Bronx (17.6 percent).  In one Northern Bronx census tract, more than one third of residents who specified an ancestry hail from Ghana (Census Tract 409).  Many other Ghanians reside elsewhere in New York State (24,567), as well as in Virginia (10,354), New Jersey (8,510), and Maryland (6,454).  Explore more of these communities in the following map:

Ghanians in the US (American Community Survey 2008-12)


Meanwhile, there are over 11 times more people claiming Portuguese heritage here in the USA (1,016,720).  While the state with the most Portuguese Americans is California (256,476), many East Coast states are also home to them, including Massachusetts (245,489), Rhode Island (78,413), New Jersey (68,490), and Florida (50,964).  The highest concentration of Portuguese-Americans is in Bristol County, Massachusetts, and adjacent Rhode Island.  Explore more of these communities in the following map:

Portuguese in the US (American Community Survey 2008-12)

Of team USA's Group G competitors, Germany might have the most fans living here in the US with 33,666,142 people claiming German ancestry.  Large concentrations of Germans can be seen in the Midwest, especially in parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota, where well over half the people who specify an ancestry are German.  While Pennsylvania (2,442,620), Ohio (2,294,172), and California (2,148,007) have the most Germans-American residents, one in three Wisconsinites who specify an ancestry are German.  Explore more of these communities in the following map:

Germans in the US (American Community Survey 2008-12)

For more World Cup data, check out our overview of Americans with ancestries from all 32 nations competing.

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