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World Cup Data Fever



As the World Cup kicks off with 32 teams competing for the championship, Social Explorer digs into the data field.  While hundreds of millions of soccer ("football") fans watch the tournament over the next month, we will examine the demographics of those living in the US identifying with your favorite (and rival) team nations using detailed data from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey (2008-12).

Find out how many people of each team's ancestry live in the US by the numbers and through interactive maps.  We'll start with an overview of the 32 contenders, organized by the tournament groups.  (For more on the games, check out the official FIFA World Cup website.)

Group A:

brazil Brazil

Ancestry Pop: 317,792                         

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croatia Croatia

Ancestry Pop: 276,548

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mexico Mexico

Ancestry Pop: 32,695,701

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cameroon Cameroon

Ancestry Pop: 21,278*

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Group B:

spain Spain

Ancestry Pop: 689,392                              

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netherlands Netherlands

Ancestry Pop: 2,605,512

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chile Chile

Ancestry Pop: 139,488      

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australia Australia

Ancestry Pop: 67,047

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Group C:

colombia Colombia

Ancestry Pop: 973,448

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greece Greece

Ancestry Pop: 1,032,692         

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ivorycoast Ivory Coast

Ancestry Pop: **

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japan Japan

Ancestry Pop: 788,599

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Group D:

uruguay Uruguay

Ancestry Pop: 59,817                   

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costarica Costa Rica

Ancestry Pop: 134,019

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england England

Ancestry Pop: 17,836,751

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italy Italy

Ancestry Pop: 13,390,683

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Group E:

switzerland Switzerland 

Ancestry Pop: 560,954   

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ecuador Ecuador

Ancestry Pop: 636,933           

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france France

Ancestry Pop: 5,158,913

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honduras Honduras

Ancestry Pop: 696,668

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Group F:

argentina Argentina

Ancestry Pop: 234,436                                                               

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bosnia Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ancestry Pop: 125,848*

Click to view map^

iran Iran

Ancestry Pop: 412,361

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nigeria Nigeria

Ancestry Pop: 248,383

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Group G:

germany Germany

Ancestry Pop: 33,666,142               

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portugal Portugal 

Ancestry Pop: 1,016,720      

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ghana Ghana

Ancestry Pop: 89,192

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usa USA



Group H:

belgium Belgium

Ancestry Pop: 227,432                                             

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algeria Algeria

Ancestry Pop: 14,331*

Click to view map^

russia Russia

Ancestry Pop: 2,091,793

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korea Korean Republic

Ancestry Pop: 1,429,140

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Stay tuned to Social Explorer for more data highlights as the World Cup tournament continues.  

*This ancestry group for this nation was not available in the regular published Census Bureau data. This number was calculated using the PUMS (Public Use Micro Data Sample), which is a large sample of the American Community Survey, and allows tabulation of this county.

**Data for Ivory Coast Ancestry was not revealed in the PUMS data.

^Because this ancestry group is small and not available in Census Bureau data, we mapped the related region (Other Subsaharan African, Yugoslavian, and Other Arab).

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