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World Cup Celebration (and Consolation) Locations: Brazil vs. Croatia

FRIDAY, JUN 13, 2014

The first World Cup soccer match led to rejoicing among those favoring the winner, Brazil, and questions about a controversial call and penalty kick among those favoring Croatia.  

Following up on Social Explorer's World Cup overview, we'll dig deeper into data on individual team heritage communities in the US.  

Using Social Explorer you can find where large numbers of those claiming Brazilian ancestry live (and where celebratory cheering might abound).

Map of Brazilian-Americans (American Community Survey 2008-12)


There are 317,792 people in America who claim Brazilian ancestry.  From the map, you can see clusters of these Brazilian-Americans living in areas including Broward County (Florida), Middlesex County (Massachusetts), and Essex County (New Jersey).  (Zoom in and click around the map to explore more.)

You can also locate Croatian communities where fans may feel robbed.  

Map of Croatian-Americans (American Community Survey 2008-12)


There are 276,548 people in America who claim Croatian ancestry.  You'll see larger Croation communities in Los Angeles, Lake and Hamilton counties (Ohio), and smaller pockets elsewhere in the Midwest, as well as Nevada.  (Zoom in and click around the map to explore more.)

We'll cover more of the World Cup teams as the tournament continues.  Depending on your team allegiances, you may be able to find the best places to celebrate (or hide) as the comeptition continues.  

Check out our first World Cup post for an overview of Americans with ancestries from all 32 nations competing.

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