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Where Are All the Retired Americans? Pretty Much Where You’d Think They Are

MONDAY, JAN 10, 2022

Retired Americans are pretty much where you’d think they are. A Social Explorer analysis of zip codes with more than 500 households from the 2015-19 American Community Survey data finds the most people living on retirement income are in Arizona and Florida. Almost 64 percent of households reporting retirement income lived in the 86436 zip code in Topock, Ariz., just north of Arizona.

The Villages, Fla., 32162 zip code ranked second, with 63.8 percent of its households receiving some type of pension; the 85375 zip code in Sun City, Ariz., a Phoenix suburb, was third with 59.8 percent of households getting retirement income. The fourth- and fifth-ranked zip codes for retirement income were also in Arizona, near Tucson: 85623 (58.3 percent) and 85622 (57.7 percent).

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Households with Retirement Income, 2019. Click Here to Explore Further.

Author: Frank Bass

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