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Viva La Data: Social Explorer and Andrew Beveridge at the Annual American Sociological Association Conference

THURSDAY, AUG 25, 2011

Earlier this week, Prof. Andrew Beveridge ventured to Las Vegas, Nevada, with Social Explorer in tow for the annual American Sociological Association conference.  Instead of gambling, he doubled down on demographics. Beveridge presented the paper "Regional Spotlight Session (Las Vegas). Sustainable Las Vegas? Environment, Quality of Life, and Urban Living in the 21st Century," co-written with Elena Vesselinov. Beveridge and longtime collaborator David Halle co-organized the Section on Community and Urban Sociology Invited Session. New York and Los Angeles: The Uncertain Future.  Beveridge presented "The Demographics of Boom and Bust: New York and LA Metros, 1990 to 2011." Also, Social Explorer was also on display at the poster presentations for "Research Funding Opportunities and Data Resources." Thanks to all who came out to the conference and the panels, and remember to always bet on data.
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