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UPDATE: Beveridge on New York City Redistricting in Gotham Gazette


Following up on his initial analysis of the New York City Council's proposed redistricting plans, Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge wrote an update for Gotham Gazette now that the plans have been released to the public.

In "What the Next City Council Will Likely Look Like," he gives a district-level analysis of the changes, an assessment of minority representation and Voting Rights Act clearance, and a discussion of incumbency and partisan protection:

The next City Council will likely be demographically similar to the current one, though there may be an increase in both Asian and Latino membership.

That is one of the main takeaways from a review of the new Council lines approved by the city’s Districting Commission on Thursday but not released to the public until the following day.

A further look at the plan shows that it continues to protect incumbents, but was adjusted to accommodate some of the preferences of community and minority group advocates and others who complained loudly about the preliminary plan.

In addition, Lisa Hadley, a noted analyst of voting patterns in the context of redistricting, assessed the plan for any vulnerability to challenge by the Department of Justice and by Minority Voting Rights advocates and found that it unlikely to raise any issues...

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