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The Zoomburbs of America

FRIDAY, MAY 08, 2020

Call them Zoomburbs: The places with the highest percentage of workers most likely to be able to telecommute – those in management, business, and financial occupations – are located in the nation’s capital and its suburbs, according to a Social Explorer analysis of American Community Survey data.

The white-collar workers involved in business, finance and management make up almost one-third of the workforce in Arlington County, Va., the highest percentage in the nation. Loudoun County, Va., ranks No. 3 (27 percent), with the District of Columbia a close fourth (26.8 percent).  New York, the nation’s financial capital, had the second-highest percentage of people engaged in management, financial, or business occupations (27.3 percent). 

Check out the percentage of workers most likely to be teleconferencing with Social Explorer’s interactive mapping and report tool.


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Author: Frank Bass

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