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Social Explorer's Super DATA Bowl on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show

FRIDAY, JAN 31, 2014

As you prep your nachos for the Super Bowl, listen to the WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show segment comparing Denver and Seattle.  Showcasing data from Social Explorer, Brian Lehrer invited callers from the two cities to champion their cities.  The show's archive page features detailed demographic data.

From the Show: Be The Coolest Person at Your Super Bowl Party With These Census Stats:

  • Total population: 634,265 for Denver, 634,541 in Seattle. That’s only a difference of 276 people!
  • They Are Both Young: Both cities have median age of about 35. National average is 37.4.
  • Unemployment: Both cities have unemployment rates below the national unemployment rate (as of 2012). 7.2% for Denver, 6.0% for Seattle. 
  • Smallish Households: Average household size is about the same – 2.3 per household in Denver, and 2.1 in Seattle, both below the national average. Though if you’re in Denver, you should buy a little extra guacamole for that 2/10ths of a person… 
  • A Booming Latino Population in Denver: One of the biggest differences has to do with immigrant groups. Denver has a Latino population of 35%, compared to just 7.3% in Seattle.  
  • Seattle Is Highly Educated: Another area of difference. Seattle has one of the highest rates of education in the country. 93% of Seattle residents have a high school diploma, Denver is at 86%, which is about the national average. And 57% of Seattle has a college degree, almost 30 points higher than the national average.

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