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Social Explorer’s New Training Modules are Live

FRIDAY, FEB 26, 2021

Social Explorer is continually expanding our content to offer better products, services, and data-driven solutions to our broad range of users. We specifically strive to make data analysis easy for everyone, without the need for previous knowledge, experience, or training. 

Through our mapping visualization capabilities and rich repository of data, gaining data-driven insights has never been easier. To further simplify all of your data needs, we created our new training modules to clearly and concisely explain how to use our platform and its capabilities. 

Let’s Get Started!

Choose from a variety of different projects, including the new Report Template option.

Under the Teach and Learn tab on the Social Explorer dashboard, click on “Training modules” to access any one of our educational modules. Each module is specifically created to give you a quick overview of the feature and how to use it to enhance your data experience. Modules are live for the following features: 

  • Data Categories and Sources

  • Layer Library

  • Comparison Views

  • Geography Levels

  • Types of Visualization

  • Multivariate Visualization

  • Masking and Filtering 

  • Annotations

Our modules also aim to promote data literacy comprehensively and visually. 

Learn How to Use our Features with our New Training Modules

The Training modules offer endless benefits to all of our users, experienced or new. Use them to brush up on your analysis skills or incorporate them into classrooms as an excellent addition for students, allowing them to learn how to read and analyze data quickly. Dive in and explore our new training modules today!

Let us know what you think by sending your suggestions, comments, and questions to 

Author: Hana Trokic

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