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Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge on NYC Families in the NY Times

FRIDAY, OCT 05, 2018

New York Times article on the front page of the real estate section exploring where young families in New York City are moving cites Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge on the demographic shifts. In "New York's New Strollervilles," reporter Stefanos Chen looks into the "unassuming neighborhoods, mostly outside of Manhattan, where new and growing families are putting down roots — or at least seeking respite from runaway housing prices in more expensive areas."

Chen writes of the forces behind the changes:

“The prices have gone crazy, that’s what happened,” said Andrew A. Beveridge, a sociology professor at Queens College and the president of Social Explorer, a research firm that analyzed the data. As bargain hunters spread farther along mass transit routes, they find comparatively cheaper housing, but push prices higher in the process. Crown Heights is an example of what can happen when word of affordable housing spreads: Prices soar, and the next wave of buyers, including new families, has to look elsewhere.

Affordability is not the only factor that influences the shifting birthrate, Dr. Beveridge said. In Borough Park, for instance, the consistently high birthrate can be partially attributed to the large Hasidic community, whose members tend to have more children. But there is also evidence that families getting priced out of wealthier areas are leading the shift.

The article also includes a detailed list of birthrates and housing pricees in New York City neighborhoods with data from Social Explorer and other sources.


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