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Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge in the NY Times on the Census Citizenship Question

TUESDAY, APR 03, 2018

In "Are You a U.S. Citizen? How a 2020 Census Question Could Affect States," New York Times reporter Alicia Parlapiano explores the affects that the potential undercount in the next census could have on federal funding and congressional redistricting. The newly announced citizenship question asks whether or not people are legal citizens, which critics fear could discourage people from filling out the form. 

Social Explorer's co-founder and president Andrew Beveridge is a demographics expert who has spoken frequently about the possible impact of adding the census question, but also tempers expectations:

Andrew A. Beveridge, a Queens College sociologist, warned against overstating the potential effects of the citizenship question. He said that the maximum share of noncitizens who do not respond would be 20 percent, which is not enough to trigger a huge change.

“This, as the analysis shows, would only move a couple of seats,” said Dr. Beveridge, who is also president of Social Explorer, a research site that analyzes census data.

Read the full New York Times article here.

For more from Beveridge on this topic, read his interview in Slate.

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